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Dental Crowns in Greenwich

Greenwich Dentist Office
Greenwich Dentist Office

A person can need a dental crown for different reasons. One of the most common reasons is that a tooth needs to be strengthened due to the fact that it has too many fillings in it. Other times, a tooth may need to be protected after a root canal procedure. At Beautiful Dentistry of Greenwich, our dentist, Dr. Christine L. Tierney, can provide you with beautiful dental crowns at our Greenwich dentist office using CEREC technology.

At our dental practice, we are very happy to offer our patients the choice of CEREC dental crowns. These dental crowns can be received in just one short office visit. They are perfect for the patient who does not want to need to make several trips to our dental practice in order to get a permanent dental crown. CEREC technology allows our dentist to manufacture your beautiful new permanent crown right here at our Greenwich dentist office. The crown is made of a metal-free, biocompatible, natural-looking ceramic material. This means that your new crown will not have any black margins that will cause you to have a discolored smile. The beautiful restoration is completely natural looking, non-allogenic, anti-abrasive, and plaque-resistant. Our dentist is one of the first in our Greenwich area to offer our patients treatment with CEREC crowns. In order to create the CEREC crown, our dentist will simply need to use a special digital camera instead of using traditional impression material. Computer technology will then be used to generate the crown design, for the perfect fit. The crown is then milled right here at our office! You will leave our office with your new, permanent crown in place, and you will not need to get a temporary crown or come in for a return visit for additional treatment.

If you would like to come to our Greenwich dentist office to receive a beautiful and natural -looking CEREC crown, simply contact us today.

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