Cosmetic Dentistry Cos Cob

Cosmetic Dentistry Cos Cob

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Smile Makeovers in Cos Cob

Cosmetic Dentistry Cos Cob
Cosmetic Dentistry Cos Cob

If your smile seems like it is beyond hope, we at the office of Christine L. Tierney, D.M.D want you to know that there most certainly is hope. In fact, with our smile makeovers, we can restore it to a point where you will be eager to show it off.

Our cosmetic dentistry Cos Cob has a variety of elements to it, and they’re all put into use for a smile makeover. This means dental veneers, cosmetic bonding, dental implants, and teeth whitening. The first thing you should do is come in for a consultation and examination. Let’s find out which aspects of our smile makeover you need, and which you are a good candidate for. You will most certainly have questions about the process, what you can expect, etc. Our cosmetic dentistry Cos Cob is more than pleased to answer them for you. What exactly are your aesthetic dental goals? Just a few of the issues that we can effectively address with our smile makeovers are chipped and cracked teeth, wide gaps between teeth, receding gums, misshapen or crooked teeth, a discolored or stained smile, and missing teeth. Some of our patients have all of the above, while others only two or three. Either way, our dentist takes an assessment of your needs and the develops an overall plan, which includes a list of what needs to be done and in what order. The bottom line is that the outcome is going to be one in which you will be astounded by the difference between where your smile began (before) and where it is now (after).

There is no reason to wait even one more day and continue with a smile that you are not satisfied with. Contact our office right now and set up a convenient time to come in and let our cosmetic dentistry Cos Cob begin the process of assessing your suitability for a smile makeover.

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