Cos Cob Emergency Dentist

Cos Cob Emergency Dentist

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Dental Trauma in Cos Cob

The clock is ticking when you suffer a traumatic dental injury. Only prompt care can give you a significant chance to save your natural tooth and restore it to health. Our Cos Cob emergency dentist, Christine L. Tierney, D.M.D. is here to provide the expert and urgent attention you need.

An accident, physical altercation, or other injury may result in the dislodging of a tooth from its socket. Even more alarming, the tooth can come out completely, in which case it is called an avulsed tooth. Doing the right things in the proper order will greatly improve your odds of a successful outcome. First, call our office to get guidance and to alert us that you are going to be coming in to see our Cos Cob emergency dentist. In addition to any advice you are given at the time, you should also attempt to gently push your dislodged tooth into its normal position. Don’t force it, however. And for an avulsed tooth, it is essential that you keep it moist now that it is deprived of the lubrication that your mouth provides. You can place it in warm water with a pinch of salt, or in a container of milk if you have one. Our Cos Cob emergency dentist is by far the best option for you when it comes to getting care for your dental trauma. Hospital ER’s rarely have dental equipment, nor a dentist on staff. Fortunately, our office fully prepared to help you. Depending on whether the tooth is still partially attached or not, and other factors, treatment may consist of simply securing the tooth to your socket with orthodontic wire or a plastic splint. In more severe cases, where the tooth’s pulp has been harmed, root canal therapy is required.

Reach out to us right away when you need emergency dental care.

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